Paddler Log Android App

I created this application a while ago as something that I would personally find useful and I decided to release it on the android market to see if any one else might find it helpfull. From the usage figures people appeared to have found it useful and the amount of users has been increasing pretty much at a constant pace . So I decided to finally update it and I spent alot of time making an interface thats alot more cleaner and quicker to use than the original.

Paddler Log on the Android Market


This app will allow you to keep to track of every river trip you go on , as well as allowing you to keep information of the rivers you have been on.
It’s very quick and easy to use  ,it is designed it to be effortless .
It will also allow you to view a summary of your kayaking adventures displaying information such as total distance paddled etc.


Some Future Plans for this 

  • Ability to post you trips to  Facebook ( It’s already in but disabled as it need some more work and polish)
  • Ability for users to post feedback ( Such as new feature requests) in the about screen
  • More information displayed in the summary screen.

Dungeon Crawl ( Working Title)

Here is some information on the game i’m currently working on.

In this dungeon crawler game you must battle your way through the many levels of the dungeon and try to amass as much treasure as you can before you are finally defeated.

Every play through is different as each dungeon is unique and randomly generated. It will also be filled with enemies, treasure and traps.

The game contains an eye-catching effect system making spells look vibrant and powerful.

The combat is kept exciting by letting the player make use of swords, shields and even spells. Or you could always just lure your pursuer into a trap.


Some Images (WIP)

I”ll post more game footage soon.

Working on a new game for coursework

For my university work I have to create a 2D game using XNA . The coursework is pretty much make a game that is similar to StormGate and Nova Remnant quality. This means my other projects will be put on hold until January .

I have a deadline for this coursework which is in December so I can pretty much gurantee right now that I will release it in Januaray . I have not fully decided if it I will try and get it on Xbox indie games. At the moment the version I am making for my coursework assignment will be a PC game.


I will try and update Zodolex occasionally with more levels but It will be a while before I add the cool stuff I had planned such as online scoreboards and new powerup types.

ZodoLex Updated

Just released a huge update for ZodoLex , so make sure to try out the new version.

  • Added Walls , lots of new exciting levels involving this.
  • Added new level system with 20 Levels
  • Scores now save , which I should have done at the start oops.
  • Fixed input to be more responsive.
Also I will try my best to update fortnightly with new levels. Make sure to set those highscores as a online scoreboard will be coming soon.

StormGate Coming To Android

I have started work on porting StormGate over to android. Here is a little peak of the progress so far. The android version will allow me much more freedom over the Xbox version. So once it is finished I can easily update it regularly , without the hassle of waiting weeks for an update to go through review.

New Features

  • Survival Mode ( A randomly Generated map , in which you try to hold of enemies for as long as possible)
  • Online ScoreBoards
  • Town Building overhaul (I’m planning this to be a huge part of the gameplay)
  • New Turrets
  • New Enemies
  • New Town Buildings
  • New Spells
  • Improved Interface (It will be a lot quicker to get things done , since it will be touch screen)