Monthly Archives: August 2011

ZodoLex Updated

Just released a huge update for ZodoLex , so make sure to try out the new version.

  • Added Walls , lots of new exciting levels involving this.
  • Added new level system with 20 Levels
  • Scores now save , which I should have done at the start oops.
  • Fixed input to be more responsive.
Also I will try my best to update fortnightly with new levels. Make sure to set those highscores as a online scoreboard will be coming soon.

StormGate Coming To Android

I have started work on porting StormGate over to android. Here is a little peak of the progress so far. The android version will allow me much more freedom over the Xbox version. So once it is finished I can easily update it regularly , without the hassle of waiting weeks for an update to go through review.

New Features

  • Survival Mode ( A randomly Generated map , in which you try to hold of enemies for as long as possible)
  • Online ScoreBoards
  • Town Building overhaul (I’m planning this to be a huge part of the gameplay)
  • New Turrets
  • New Enemies
  • New Town Buildings
  • New Spells
  • Improved Interface (It will be a lot quicker to get things done , since it will be touch screen)