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3D Sailing Ship

For one of my graphics assignments I had to use make use of shaders  So I looked up fragment and vertex shaders and managed to complete this scene in 5 days. A vertex shader is used to adjust the vertex heights for the ocean. A fragment shader was also used for the texturing, sparkle ad gradient effects and I made a simple overlay shader the attempts to make the scene look more vintage.


Procedurally Generated Volcanic Island

For my second graphics assignment I had to make use of procedural generation techniques to create a scene. I decided that it would base mine around a volcanic Island , complete with water simulation and a particle generator.

The generator I created can produced some quite nice scenes. It could probably be useful in creating a Caribbean type environment populated with islands.

The smoke particles that are generated also get effected by the environment wind and the height of that particle. This provides a nice scattering effect for the smoke as it rises.

OpenGL Mechanical 3D Orrery

For a university assignment I had to create a simulation of a real world mechanical object I decided to create a simualtion of an Orrery. This is the first full program I have developed in OpenGL and it turned out to be quite nice looking and soothing to watch.

I also uploaded a video of the application to youtube which you can watch below.