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Nearing Completion

I made a large list of tasks that I had to complete before the game is finished. There is now only 14 items left on that list so I have set a date for the game to be completed which is the 1st of July.

After that point the game will be finished and I will be spending my time testing and tweaking the game. So that it is ready for release. I might make it available for play testing so if you have a creator’s club membership make sure to check back here soon.


Project AB

I have been very busy most of the year , so I’ve not had much time to work on my projects but the main one I’m working on the now “Project AB” is starting to shape up . It is a fully playable game now which is pretty good progress , considering the little extra time I have had.

I finish the semester for university next Thursday so after that I will be able to focus my attention mainly on finishing this game.

Tasks Left
• More fun gameplay elements
• Improving the graphics
• Sounds
• Music ( I hate this the most)
• Working out a good name

I am planning to try and get this game on the Xbox indie marketplace . If progress goes as planned then it should be available around June/July.