Social Miner

This project was created as an entry for the Yahoo Dundee hackday event 2012 and achieved 1st place.

Access it here Social Miner

This web application allows you to obtain tweet information from your Twitter account which can then be used by the system to examine “content” and can be used to find emerging viral content trends.

Using the Twitter API the application will obtain recent tweets from people you follow. Once it obtains the tweet data it will disregard all tweets that we regard as not being “content”.We class tweets as having content if it has a Link, Image or it contains a video.

The website will also allow you to view all this content in a very easy manner allowing you to view all the content posted from people you follow in a extremely simple and efficient manner.

The analytic side of the website will examine and store the content extracted from tweets. A process will run occasionally which determines which content appears to be going viral. The popular section of the website will then allow you to view all popular content items.

Created By

  • Stewart Taylor (me)
  • Richard Gorman
  • Richard Goodman

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