New Projects

I have already began work on two new projects . The first project will be my main one which will be another game planned for the Xbox live indie service.

The other project will be a small Java applet game which will be freely available to play on this website.

I will give more details about the games as soon as they start to get in shape a bit more.

One thought on “New Projects

  1. Yahel Dooley

    I think I will always dream that I could actually create a game, but know I am mentally incapable of such a thing! I’ll leave that to people like you.
    So instead myself and others would love to help you in anyway possible on projects you may have.
    We have always been fans of video games and unfortunately we are never really a part of their creation :(
    however; we are absolutely interested in working with you to make your games sound on the same level as your games play.

    I work for a company called Media City Sound in Los Angeles as a sound editor/designer/mixer and that company is a sister company to many others.
    I understand that you may not have a huge budget to allow for the amount of quality music, sound design and VO recording that you would like, but in the area of audio we can offer you access to our sound effects libraries and/or sound design your effects needs and professional audio recording as well.

    We also have a large library of music we work with ranging from epic theatrical orchestrations to modern pop and rock to quirky cartoon comedy music. On top of that, we have a stable of dedicated composers we work with to write new and unique pieces of music for individual projects.

    Studios can be expensive to work with on low budgets, and we understand this (especially with the recent downturn of the economy).
    Depending on your budget, we will even work with you on a deferred payment basis or even completely free!
    Please don’t think of this as spam or something, but more so as an opportunity to build a relationship.
    We hope you are interested and have questions. Rob and I would love to answer them and work with you in the future, and hope you would be interested in the same. Thanks.

    P.S. Looking forward to playing your two new projects!