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Project AB

I have been very busy most of the year , so I’ve not had much time to work on my projects but the main one I’m working on the now “Project AB” is starting to shape up . It is a fully playable game now which is pretty good progress , considering the little extra time I have had.

I finish the semester for university next Thursday so after that I will be able to focus my attention mainly on finishing this game.

Tasks Left
• More fun gameplay elements
• Improving the graphics
• Sounds
• Music ( I hate this the most)
• Working out a good name

I am planning to try and get this game on the Xbox indie marketplace . If progress goes as planned then it should be available around June/July.

Work Started On New Game

I have started working on a new game recently although progress has been slow , due to me being very busy this year at university. I will try and put more work into the game and I can defiantly say I will have a new game created by the end of this year.

New Projects

I have already began work on two new projects . The first project will be my main one which will be another game planned for the Xbox live indie service.

The other project will be a small Java applet game which will be freely available to play on this website.

I will give more details about the games as soon as they start to get in shape a bit more.

Game In Review

Well that is it finally finished .Now I just have to wait and see if the reviewers look kindly upon it . I really spent al lot of time just trying to polish the game so hopefully that will make it stand out a little bit more.

StormGate Box Art